oral cancer screening

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is becoming more common today. More than 45,000 cases were diagnosed in the United States in 2015 alone, and numbers are predicted to increase in the coming years. Like other cancers, oral cancer benefits from early diagnosis. Although the diagnosis of oral cancer lesions often occurs after a dental exam, the earliest cases have only recently started being more detectable thanks to newer technology. ViziLite Pro, a product based on light-based fluorescence, is now being used at CitiDent for oral cancer screens for San Francisco patients.

Evolution of Oral Cancer Detection

More than a decade has passed since fluorescence started being used to detect oral cancer lesions. A considerable amount of research has occurred in this area, and DenMat, the maker of ViziLite Pro, has responded with a product that uses the most effective light wavelength for this purpose. Simply put, abnormal tissues become far more visible to our dentists when using the ViziLite Pro, making an oral cancer screening more effective at our office. Exams take only a minute to perform, and single-use covers make each screening sanitary for patients. Photos can also be taken for documentation of any lesions found so that additional analysis can be performed.

Value to Patients

The faster and easier oral cancer detection is, the more likely patients are to receive it regularly. ViziLite Pro can be smoothly integrated into an exam, better ensuring that patients have the best possible prognosis when oral cancer is detected. Caught in its early stages, oral cancer is far less likely to be fatal. The addition of easy oral cancer screening to exams gives patients even more preventive value for their oral and overall health.

ViziLite Pro is on the cutting edge of oral cancer detection, and available to patients who visit our office in San Francisco for dental check-ups. This oral cancer screening is fast and non-invasive, making it ideal for busy professionals and those at risk. If problems are found, a referral for additional testing and treatment can be provided. Patients can contact Dr. Amini to learn more about our oral cancer detection services at CitiDent.

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