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Same Day Crowns

Crowns can be used to restore the functionality and appearance of teeth that have been damaged. By placing a crown on a tooth, our San Francisco same day crowns experts at CitiDent also reinforces it against potential sources of damage in the future. Today, same-day crowns offer a faster solution for patients who seek the restorative and cosmetic benefits of this treatment. In just one appointment, patients can get results that might take days or weeks if they were to choose traditional crowns.

Same-day crowns offer more convenience compared to traditional crowns, which often require three visits for completion. Whereas traditional crowns require a consultation, another visit for tooth preparation and a third visit for permanent crown placement, same-day crowns offer all of these steps in a single visit to our experts in same day crowns in San Francisco.

The placement of same-day crowns involves the use of special equipment to create the new crowns quickly. After patients consult with our San Francisco same day crowns experts at CitiDent to establish their treatment goals, their teeth can be prepared right away and their crowns can be produced automatically. Once our dentist has placed the crowns, patients can start enjoying their restored looks and functioning. Recovery is fast, and patients can quickly return to their normal lifestyle as instructed by our dentist.

Patients who are candidates for traditional crowns can generally receive same-day crowns from our experts in same day crowns in San Francisco. However, this procedure is especially valuable for patients who are short on time.

Busy professionals and students, for example, can benefit from having their crowns placed in a single visit rather than dealing with temporary crowns and multiple visits over days or weeks.

With same-day crowns available at our office, patients can add another procedure to the list of treatments they can receive at one convenient location. Rather than waiting weeks to enjoy the benefits of crowns, patients can ask our CitiDent dentists about same-day crowns that will give them results in a single appointment. At a consultation with our dentist in San Francisco, patients can learn more about same-day crowns and find out if they are candidates for this treatment.

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