Damon Braces

Damon braces work like traditional metal braces in many ways, but they have improvements that make them faster, more comfortable and better looking. As an alternative to invisible braces, Damon braces also are an option for more image-conscious patients. Here is a look at the advantages of this treatment, how it works and who can receive it from our San Francisco Damon braces expert, Dr. Amanda Cheng.

In contrast to conventional braces, this treatment from our expert in Damon braces in San Francisco offers options that look and feel better. Ceramic brackets, translucent or tinted to match the teeth, ensure that patients can feel confident about their appearance during treatment. Patients can also get self-ligating braces with Damon, which allows the wire to move freely rather than stay fixed in place. This reduces discomfort and even speeds the treatment process.

Damon Braces San Francisco

Like traditional braces, Damon begins with a consultation to plan and discuss treatment. At a first visit, our dentist attaches the brackets to the teeth and places the wire in the brackets. Patients return to our orthodontist in San Francisco regularly to have their braces adjusted until treatment ends. Finally, patients get a retainer to wear for a set period of time so that their results are lasting.

Damon braces work on the same bite irregularities that metal braces address. In fact, Damon braces can be an excellent choice for patients who would prefer a discreet orthodontic treatment but cannot receive invisible braces. Furthermore, the treatment can be used in children who are not yet old enough to get Invisalign. Because this treatment from our San Francisco Damon braces expert is also more comfortable than standard braces, it can be a better option for patients whose tolerance to pain is lower.

For a versatile, comfortable and discreet orthodontic option, Damon braces can be excellent. Most adults and children can have their teeth corrected this way in less time than with metal braces. At a consultation with our expert in Damon braces in San Francisco, patients can learn more about this treatment and its benefits.

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