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Dental fillings may be used to restore teeth after damage has been caused by decay or physical trauma. Although mercury amalgam fillings were long the standard option offered by dentists, tooth-colored fillings are available to modern patients who want to preserve their looks after having their teeth repaired. A variety of other advantages are also associated with tooth-colored fillings, but both types of fillings offer vital restoration when it becomes necessary.

Dental fillings are recommended for repairing damage that is not extensive enough to warrant the use of inlays, onlays, crowns or extraction. By leaving more of the tooth structure intact, our San Francisco dental fillings experts also let patients retain the natural strength of their own teeth for the sake of function and appearance. Because the area immediately surrounding the decay is filled as well, patients are better protected from future damage in these vulnerable areas.

Dental Fillings San Francisco

Our experts in dental fillings in San Francisco may recommend mercury amalgam or tooth-colored fillings to patients. Mercury amalgam fillings are often more affordable, but they may place tooth structure at risk in the long term by expanding and contracting with temperature fluctuations. By contrast, tooth-colored fillings resist expansion and contraction. Furthermore, tooth-colored fillings better support tooth strength because they require less drilling for placement. Of course, many patients choose tooth-colored fillings for their clear aesthetic advantages.

Filling placement by our San Francisco dental fillings experts begins with an X-ray to determine the location and extent of damage. After removing the damaged portion of the tooth and the area immediately around it based on the type of filling being used, our dentist places the filling material and cures it for permanence. Finally, our dentist polishes the new filling to ensure comfort, safety and optimal appearance.

Our dentist in San Francisco can also replace fillings for patients who want to renew old restorations or switch to tooth-colored fillings from mercury amalgam ones. At a consultation with our experts in dental fillings in San Francisco, patients can learn more about how this treatment is used.

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