Tooth Infection

Tooth infection is a potentially dangerous situation in which tooth decay reaches the inner parts of the tooth, where the pulp and nerves are located. When a tooth infection reaches the nerves, intense pain is likely to result and may grow worse as the infection progresses. Patients may also develop an abscess, which is a collection of pus that collects inside of the gums local to the tooth. The possibility of systemic problems from tooth infections makes timely treatment by our San Francisco tooth infection treatment provider essential in this situation.

Tooth infections may result from tooth decay or prior trauma. When tooth decay results in infection, it may have been left untreated for some time, giving bacteria time to erode through the enamel and into the sensitive inner tissues. Prior trauma can lead to tooth infections by exposing the soft inner portions of the tooth, which are normally protected by the enamel. Bacteria and acids can readily attack the dentin and pulp inside the tooth, resulting in a serious infection more quickly than if the tooth were intact.

Tooth Infection San Francisco

Our expert in tooth infection in San Francisco may treat infected teeth with root canal treatment or surgery depending on the extent of the damage and the goals of the patient. Root canal treatment involves drilling into the tooth, eliminating the infection and covering the tooth with a protective, good-looking crown. Root canal surgery performed by Dr. Amini and Associate dentists at CitiDent has the same goal but may be done from underneath, through an incision in the gums, or following removal of the tooth, after which the tooth is put back in place. In some cases, extraction and replacement of the tooth by our San Francisco tooth infection treatment provider may be recommended. Dental implants, bridges or dentures can be used in line with the goals of the patient.

Tooth infections can result in serious, even fatal, systemic problems if neglected. For this reason, patients should immediately call our expert in tooth infection in San Francisco for an appointment if they experience tooth pain. Patients can schedule a consultation with our San Francisco dentist to learn more about tooth infections and treatment options.


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