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Patient Reviews

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April 19, 2011 by Russell A. (Verified Patient)
Dr. Amini is the most professional and patient doctor I have ever been to. He took the time to understand my issues and address them in a non-rushed manner. If you have the opportunity to make an appointment, you will be blown away!

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"Dr. Amini is truly one of the most talented and gifted dentists I have ever met with. He really cares about his patients and wants their success. I would recommend him to anyone that wants not a great dentist BUT AN EXCELLENT ONE!!!! He's awesome and his amazing office manager, is just the BEST! I feel like I'm in really, really good hands!! Thanks Citident!"
" Citident has been my preferred dental provider for the last 4+ years and I've sent over 8 friends who also have loved the service and care that Citident provides. I've had everything from standard cleanings to double root canals to Invisalign done there without a hitch. They educate you, help you relax during procedures, and do great follow-up. I will continue to go to Dr. Amini and his team @ Citident. Keep up the great work!"
"I have been a patient at Citident for over 6 years. They are hands down the best dentist I have ever been to. They do extremely high quality work and are the friendliest group I have encountered at any doctor's or dentist's office anywhere. Dr Sud is not only lovely but an amazing dentist! I recommended them to my husband so now he is a patient, and I'd recommend them to anyone else."

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"Dr. Amini is one if the most professional and skilled doctors I have ever encountered. He makes my dental visits as pleasant as they can get and a true professional. The Citiden staff is always smiling and very attentive when I do go in. It's such a warm and welcoming environment for a place I usually fear going to. Dr. Amini uses state of the art technology and and is a true dental artist. I've had everything from broken teeth to several crowns to teeth whitning and everything has been on point. I have been a patient for years now and I can't tell you how happy I am with Dr. Amini and the CitiDent staff! Even though my insurance may change throughout the years my Dentist has always been the same!

I HIGHLY recommend!"
"I've always been deathly afraid of going to the dentist until I started coming here. Because of my fear I had some real issues with my teeth (cavities, root canals and crowns). I have to say if I came here from the start I would have been in a much healthier place. My teeth are now in perfect health and my experience has been great. Five Stars because I can't give Ten!!!!"
"This is hands down the best dental office I have ever visited. I came for my first visit during my lunch hour (the location is great if you work in the Financial District.) I was seen right away and the staff was incredibly friendly!

I've seen a lot of reviews about rude staff but my experience has been just the opposite. Maybe they made some staff changes?"

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Great experience with friendly staff and doctor
Posted by grobinson66
"Dr. Amini was recommended to me by my co-worker and everything was state-of-the-art. The friendliness of the staff to the gentleness and knowledge of Dr. Amini was noteworthy. They have a lot of cool stuff that makes the appointment govery smoothly. I highly recommend this office."
Pros: convience, friendly, professional
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Five Star Dental Office---Highly recommend it!
posted by cjoco
"I had a great experience in this office from start to finish. The doctor is very knowledgeable and on top of it. He has great credentials and it shows. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this office."
Pros: Professional, Friendly, Clean
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
couple on beachCompassionate staff and professionals
Posted by wolmanssister
"I, too, found this dentist on citysearch after recently moving to San Francisco. The staff was friendly and helpful from the beginning, and Dr. Amini is wonderful. There is a very friendly specialist on staff to assist with billing/payment matters, and the entire office is incredibly helpful in this regard. I will continue to see Dr. Amini."
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Great Service
Posted by alexka
"I have been going to Dr. Amini's practice since 1998. I lovethe new office on Battery st. He has the same great staff over the years. Great bedside manner and he gives great shots--no pain at all. The new satelite radio option while on the chair. Great idea for patient comfort."
Pros: comfort, technology, fast and efficient
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended
Impressive and Friendly
Posted by lilij89
"I found the experience at this office very pleasant. The admin. staff were very friendly and got my insurance benefits prior my appointment. I was running a bit late for my first appt. and they were totallyaccommodating. they flossed my teeth and scraped my tongue ( never done that in a dentist office--very cool stuff), then polished my teeth before the exam which was very comprehensive. We talked about my fillings, gums, and gaps in my teeth . I had braces as a teen but now my teeth are getting out of line. Dr. Amini is a certified Invisaline (bad spelling) dentist. The staff helped me out a lot in the processing of my insurance. I just finished my appointment and replaced my yucky silver fillings with tooth colored fillings. No pain, look great. I highly recommend Dr. Amini, and can't wait to get my teeth straight again."
Pros: modern office, friendly staff, expert dentist
Cons: none
Overall user rating: Highly Reccommended
woman smiling with eyes closedHigh Class
Posted by annkaz
"I searched for a dentist from CitySearch and Dr. Amini was highly recommended.
The office is simply a state of the art. They had already obtained my insurance information and all my benefits ahead of time. Very efficient. I had one cavity, not bad for not seeing adentist for four years. They accomodated me bygiving me a choice to come back or finish it that day. I chose to do do the filling. The assistant gave me a selectionn of CDs to choose from. From vivaldi to Metallica. Once I was numbed up, they started the cleaning followed by the filling . I didn't feel a thing and everything went very smoothly. I really "enjoyed" my stay at the dentist, something I always hated. And I got my free tooth brush and floss. I highly recommend Dr. Amini and his staff."
Pros: Professional, efficient, modern
Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

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"Great office, nice people, gentle treatment. Highly recommend these folks!"
"Staff is very friendly and helfpul, particularly when it comes to outlining the details of payment and insurance coverage."
"I went to see Dr. Amini based on a recommendation from my co-worker who has been bride hugging groomgoing to this dental office for years. She is very happy with Dr. Amini. The practice is very nice and modern. They havedigital x-rays that is very cool. Everything is clean and hi-tech but comfortable and personal. Dr. Amini is very knowledgeable and gentle. The assistants are very nice too. I highly recommend this office."
"Excellent Doctor, Staff and facilities! highly recommended! I went in for a cosmetic evaluation and ended with a beautiful smile. They worked well with my flexiable spending account and were very knowledgeable. Dr. Ben is an artist."
"I had terrible teeth from childhood. They were grey and I had three bridges. Dr. Amini did ten veneers and four implants for me. I must say the whole process was very efficient and accurate. They have a great financing program too. I looked at my before and after photo...what a difference. I highly recommend Dr. amini and his office."
"Dr. Amini is the best dentist I have ever had - he knows his stuff!" -Todd Smith
"My wife and I both like your practice very much. We're both very pleased with the care we receive from you. We plan on remaining patients for the long term." -W. Bernstein

More testimonials from our clients

"Always a pleasure to have my teeth cleaned at your practice." -H. Love
"As always, a very pleasant experience. Over the last couple of years, I've referred your office to many of my coworkers." -P. Neary
"There are many reasons why I've been coming to your practice for several years now, Ben - and your patients' questionares are highly representative of them. I'm very pleased to have stumbled on you years ago and will gladly refer folks your way. It's top-notch care, and very much appreciated! Best, Chase"
Thank you all! Love, Eva
"I love your associate dentist Ritu. I have a very spotty history with dentists in general. Nothing personal, but every time I visited a dentist in the past, 1)I had to deal with too much pain and 2)every time I get a nick on my gums, on my tongue or anywhere in my mouth I know I have to deal with another 10 days of pain because of the ever-resulting canker sores. Anyhow, Ritu is so careful and gentle and sensitive to my aversion to pain that I have become for the first time in my life a person who actually visits the dentist every six months (as opposed to the every five years I have historically visited). Ritu is the very best! Thank you for being my dentist!" -E. Fowler
"I like the new email reminder process for appointments, and I like the new imaging process for teeth xrays. I wish I could make appointments at 1 PM (I realize this is your lunch time but it would be helpful to me) Thanks and keep up the great work"
-Damian K.
brida and groom smiling"I was very impressed with the office, the technicians and Dr. Amini. I really appreciated Dr. Amini taking the time to read through my history. It shows that he cared, was aware, prepared and he understood. I hope the accounting staff, who handle the paperwork to the insurance companies, are on par with the caliber of the rest of your office as I do consider it an important factor when returning to or referring a dentist." -S. Cohen, New Patient
"Dr. Amini is the Bomb :)"

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