Teeth Whitening

A bright smile can be one of your most attractive assets. A youthful, healthy-looking smile can help you feel more confident in social, romantic and even professional situations. Dr. Amini, our San Francisco teeth whitening expert, along with other associate dentists at CitiDent, offer several options including laser-assisted teeth whitening to give you the whitest smile possible.

The most common causes of discolored teeth are extrinsic or external factors. These can include regular consumption of coffee, nicotine, wine, soft drinks, energy drinks and tea. The aging process can also leave teeth looking dull and discolored. Teeth whitening is extremely effective for these types of stains. Dr. Amini, our expert in teeth whitening in San Francisco, and other associate dentists at CitiDent, can make specific recommendations for your individual whitening needs.

Teeth Whitening San Francisco

Our San Francisco teeth whitening experts at CitiDent offer several options, including at-home bleaching products, Zoom whitening and laser whitening. At-home whitening systems combine customized mouth trays that fit the contours of your mouth and use a powerful bleaching agent to whiten teeth. Professional at-home whitening systems are more powerful than over-the-counter versions, and their customized fit ensures maximum contact between the teeth and whitening gel. This ensures that you will get the most out of every whitening treatment. Most people begin to see results in just a few days, but maximum results may take longer to develop.

Zoom whitening and laser teeth whitening are performed in our office. They use prescription-strength bleaching gels that are applied directly to the teeth. The Zoom gel is then activated by the Zoom light while the laser system uses a special blend of whitening gels that are activated by a laser. Both processes are extremely fast and offer dramatic results in a single appointment with our San Francisco cosmetic dentist at CitiDent.

After completing any whitening treatment, you can keep your teeth looking their best longer with a few basic changes. Limit your exposure to staining substances, rinse with water after drinking staining beverages or eating staining foods, and practice good dental hygiene. Contact our office today to learn more about getting the smile that you have always wanted or to schedule your appointment with one of our experts in teeth whitening in San Francisco.

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