TADS stands for temporary anchorage devices, an alternative option for straightening teeth in certain cases. In using this approach, our San Francisco TADS expert can correct bite irregularities while avoiding some problems that can occur with traditional orthodontics. TADS can be especially beneficial in patients who are children or who have severe overbite. Here is more about TADS, how it works and who is a candidate for it.

TADS eliminates a common issue with traditional braces, which can move some teeth undesirably while correcting the positions of other teeth. While headgear has been used to sidestep this problem in the past, many patients prefer to avoid the unusual appearance of headgear. In other cases, patients with overbite might normally need to have some rear teeth removed so that front teeth can be pushed backward into the newly created spaces. Our expert in TADS in San Francisco can use this new technology to avoid pulling back teeth forward in the process.

TADS San Francisco

Other names used to refer to TADS include mini-implants and mini-screws. Like dental implants, TADS are made of biologically compatible materials and placed into the gums. Once in position, TADS act as anchors for connecting with conventional braces. The TADS are removed after treatment is complete.

TADS is often used in patients who would otherwise require headgear to achieve their orthodontic goals. Patients of all ages may benefit from TADS, including children and adults. Before opting for TADS, patients should be prepared to perform additional brushing and flossing so that build-up of food and bacteria is avoided around the devices. Regular check-ups from our San Francisco TADS expert will help ensure that progress is made and problems are avoided during treatment.

Orthodontic treatment carries plenty of benefits, including improved appearance, comfort and oral health. With the availability of this treatment from our expert in TADS in San Francisco, patients with certain treatment needs can avoid needing headgear for these improvements. Patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Cheng, our San Francisco orthodontist, to learn more about TADS and find out if it can serve their needs.


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