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Smile Makeover


smile makeoverPatients who want to completely refresh their appearance can visit CitiDent for a smile makeover. A personalized combination of treatments performed over multiple visits, the smile makeover can include a few or several procedures based on the treatments that patients select from recommendations offered at this dental office. This is ideal for busy professionals, who can obtain the appearance they want from our experts in smile makeover in San Francisco in one relatively short stretch instead of waiting years for finished results.

Procedures recommended by our experts in smile makeover in San Francisco may address virtually all aspects of oral appearance, including the color, structure and position of teeth. When stains are present, we may recommend professional teeth whitening or veneers depending on the origin and severity of the discoloration. Broken, cracked and chipped teeth can be fixed directly with bonding or concealed permanently with dental veneers or crowns. Invisalign can be selected by patients who want to reposition their teeth.

Smile Makeover San Francisco

Each smile makeover begins at a consultation with our San Francisco smile makeover experts. A unique treatment plan is created with recommendations for improving different facets of appearance. After patients choose procedures to undergo, they receive treatment over a variable number of appointments depending on their selections.

Candidacy for smile makeover procedures varies for individuals based on health and other factors. In some cases, patients who are not eligible for certain options may be able to opt for others for similar results. Answers to candidacy questions can be obtained at a consultation with our San Francisco smile makeover experts.

The smile makeover is a comprehensive solution to many types of cosmetic flaws that plague patients. Rather than revisiting oral appearance over years, patients can identify key problem areas and restore them in a shorter time period. Individual results vary because no treatment plan is the same between patients. For more information on smile makeover options and eligibility for specific treatments, patients can schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in San Francisco.


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