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Same Day Dentistry by CEREC

same day dentistryPatients who need dental restoration with crowns, inlays, or onlays, can visit our San Francisco same day dentistry expert, Dr. Ben Amini, for same-day treatment instead of waiting weeks and making multiple appointments for results. In addition to making these procedures more convenient and comfortable for patients, same-day dentistry can provide patients with improved appearance and comfort thanks to more precise construction of the restoration involved. Although cutting-edge computer technology is an important element of this option, special training completed by Dr. Amini supports the best possible results for same day dentistry recipients.

Same-day dentistry involves the use of specialized equipment to make 3-D images of the teeth being restored, eliminating the need for traditional dental impressions. This can be particularly beneficial for patients with dental anxiety or gagging reflex problems. Once images have been made, CAD/CAM equipment is used to design the new restoration. Rather than coming back to the office after restorations are manufactured at a separate lab, patients can simply relax in the waiting room as their new restorations are made in the office of our expert in same day dentistry in San Francisco utilizing CEREC technology by Sirona.

Same Day Dentistry San Francisco

Our expert in same day dentistry in San Francisco utilizes CEREC technology by Sirona and begins this process by administering anesthesia to the patient. Imaging equipment makes exact images of the teeth being restored, and the new designs can be refined in terms of color and shape before construction on site. In less than an hour, the new restoration is complete and can be placed in the mouth. After checking the fit, our dentist bonds the new restoration in place with dental adhesive resin. After this single appointment, patients leave with precisely restored teeth that look, feel, and perform naturally.

same day dentistry

Patients can help their same-day restorations last longer by caring for them properly, including brushing and flossing every day and visiting our San Francisco same day dentistry expert as often as recommended for routine exams. Avoiding smoking and limiting consumption of very hard or heavily pigmented foods and drinks can also help keep these restorations looking great. To learn more about same-day dental options and their advantages, patients can schedule a consultation with our San Francisco dentist at CitiDent.

same day dentistry

Dr. Amini is a certified CAD/CAM faculty at the University of California, UCSF School of Dentistry, teaching this great technology to the next generation of dentists. Dr. Amini is an active member of and the Cerec Academy, the largest CAD/CAM organization in dentistry.


same day dentistry


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