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Robotics SureSmile Technology

Robotics SureSmile Technology San FranciscoRobotics SureSmile technology is a newer orthodontic option that modifies traditional braces treatment to correct bite irregularities more quickly, accurately and comfortably. The differences between SureSmile and conventional orthodontics include unique methods of planning treatment and crafting the braces. Thanks to a computerized process, SureSmile eliminates chances of human error causing delays in results. While the SureSmile laboratory handles early planning of this treatment, our orthodontist administers and fine-tunes the process along the way. Here is more about the workings and advantages of SureSmile.

How SureSmile Works

In contrast to traditional braces treatment, which starts with the taking of bite impressions and X-rays for manual design of the braces, Robotics SureSmile technology begins with the use of an optical scanner. This scanner takes detailed images of the teeth that are then used by the SureSmile laboratory to create a custom treatment design. Once the archwire has been crafted robotically, patients return to have their braces placed. Patients return to our office regularly to have their braces tightened until treatment is complete.

SureSmile Advantages

Treatment is faster with Robotics SureSmile technology for more accurately planned and shaped braces. In fact, research has shown that with SureSmile, patients finish treatment about one-third faster than without it. Throughout treatment, patients also enjoy fewer visits to our office for adjustments. Thanks to the precisely shaped archwire, discomfort is minimized at the beginning of treatment and immediately after tightening sessions. The accuracy with which SureSmile corrects bite irregularities is another reason to consider this treatment. Because a robot shapes the archwire exactly as computer images indicate, the archwire is better able to achieve the desired results.

Orthodontic treatment has many benefits, including better appearance, improved comfort and lower risks of oral health problems. Unfortunately, some patients hesitate to seek braces because of the time and discomfort involved. With Robotics SureSmile technology, these issues are greatly reduced. All orthodontic patients are likely to appreciate the improvements that this new treatment option delivers. At a consultation with our San Francisco orthodontist Dr. Amanda Cheng, patients can learn more about SureSmile and how it can enhance their braces experience.

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