Orthodontics is the dental specialty concerned with diagnosing, preventing and treating irregularities of dental and facial structure. While aesthetic improvements accompany orthodontic care, oral and overall health improvements are also gained with properly positioned teeth and jaws. Here is a deeper look at the service provided by our San Francisco orthodontics expert.

Orthodontic care can prevent and correct a wide range of issues that affect oral and overall wellness. Tooth decay and gum disease, for example, are less likely to occur when the teeth are straight. Several types of braces are available today, but they all are designed to achieve the same permanent improvements. Treatment begins with an analysis of current orofacial structure and ends with use of a retainer to ensure that results remain.

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Patients can resolve certain cosmetic issues and prevent other problems by getting braces. Even if the teeth are bright white, they will not look their best if they are crooked. Similarly, issues with jaw positioning and palate width can disrupt overall facial appearance. Health improvements from treatment by our San Francisco orthodontist directly involve the teeth and gums and benefit the rest of the body in other ways. With straighter teeth, digestion is often improved, supporting optimal nutrient absorption. Heart disease, which has been linked to poor oral health, may also be less likely to occur after orthodontic treatment. Finally, lifelong dental treatment costs are likely to be lower once the teeth have been straightened.

Patients today have a variety of treatment options beyond traditional metal braces. More discreet choices, such as ceramic and lingual braces, are available alongside virtually invisible clear braces. Advances in conventional braces can also speed treatment. For example, our expert in orthodontics in San Francisco offers rapid braces with innovative wires that maintain their correct shape thanks to activation by body heat.

A variety of orthodontic appliances may be recommended by our orthodontist in San Francisco to correct jaw position, palate width and other issues besides crooked teeth. While eligibility for individual treatments can vary, patients can benefit from braces at any age. A consultation with Dr. Amanda Cheng, our expert in Invisalign in San Francisco, can be scheduled to learn more about orthodontic treatments available at CitiDent.

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