Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry has emerged as a more convenient and comfortable alternative to treatment with traditional instruments, such as drills. Restoration of the teeth and gums can be performed using lasers, which reduce discomfort by providing analgesic effects. Many patients do not require anesthesia during laser dentistry procedures, and laser dentistry can be particularly preferable among children for this reason. The low noise of lasers also makes lasers less likely to provoke anxiety among patients with dental fear. These procedures from Dr. Ben Amini, our San Francisco laser dentistry expert, also encourage faster healing thanks to reduced impact on the tissues that they are used to treat.

The focused beam of light created by laser instruments is incredibly versatile, allowing for shaping or removal of tissue depending on which procedure is being performed by our expert in laser dentistry in San Francisco. During teeth whitening procedures, lasers can be used to speed the rate of whitening. Root canal treatment can involve using lasers to treat the infected tissue. During wisdom teeth removal, lasers can be used to expose the teeth for easier extraction. Biopsy, removal of inflamed or damaged gum tissue, and reduction of sores in the mouth can also be performed with lasers.

Laser Dentistry San Francisco

Discomfort associated with many common dental procedures can be reduced dramatically by using lasers. As a result, treatment is more relaxing for patients. The improved comfort made possible by lasers can also be an advantage for patients who are sensitive or allergic to local anesthesia. Bleeding is less likely to occur when lasers are used, reducing risks of complications during procedures and easing recovery afterwards. Risks of infection are also reduced by these procedures from our San Francisco laser dentistry expert because the lasers can quickly eliminate bacteria from diseased tissues.

Although lasers work well for many types of dental procedures, our expert in laser dentistry in San Francisco may need to use a different type of instrument for certain treatments. In some cases, our dentist may also combine the use of lasers with traditional instruments.

To learn more about laser dentistry options and to find out whether lasers can be used for specific procedures, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist in San Francisco.

Dr. Ben Amini has an Associate Fellowship Certification in Laser Dentistry by the World Clinical Laser Institute and is a Laser Certified Faculty at the University of California, San Francisco.

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