Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen is the leading discreet orthodontic treatment available to adolescents today. With the classic benefits of Invisalign and special features for patients in this age group, Invisalign Teen gives younger patients a beautiful smile for life without causing self-consciousness in the meantime. Our San Francisco Invisalign Teen expert can use this treatment to resolve a majority of bite irregularities in teenaged patients.

General orthodontic benefits and much more come with Invisalign Teen. By having their teeth straightened by our expert in Invisalign Teen in San Francisco, teen patients have lower risks of oral and systemic health problems for life. Improved confidence that comes with a better-looking smile can enhance daily enjoyment. When patients choose Invisalign over alternatives, they also gain maximum comfort, convenience and oral health as well as discretion throughout treatment.

Invisalign Teen San Francisco

Invisalign Teen uses a series of clear plastic aligners to correct the positions of teeth. Treatment for individuals is designed from photos and bite impressions that our San Francisco Invisalign Teen expert takes at the beginning of treatment. After patients receive their first aligners, they return to our dentist regularly to get new ones. Treatment takes an average of 15 months for completion, and patients then receive retainers to maintain their results.

Most teenaged patients are eligible to use Invisalign Teen, but patients with certain types of bite irregularities are not candidates. For example, problems with vertical tooth positioning may prompt our expert in Invisalign Teen in San Francisco to recommend a different type of treatment. But individuals who want to maintain a normal appearance while their teeth are being corrected may find this treatment especially desirable. In all cases, patients should be prepared for the responsibility of wearing the aligners for at least 22 hours per day.

On top of other Invisalign benefits, Teen includes special features. These include bumps that work with continuing growth and extra aligners to replace any that break or go missing. At a consultation with Dr. Amini, our San Francisco dentist, patients can learn more about Invisalign Teen and find out if it will work for them.

Invisalign Teen San Francisco

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