Endodontics is a dental specialty concerned with diagnosing and treating problems affecting the pulp inside of teeth. When dental pulp becomes damaged or infected, patients may experience severe pain and are at higher risk of abscess, tooth loss, and systemic infection. Although root canal therapy is the most familiar endodontic treatment to most people, endodontics also includes procedures such as retreatment and root canal surgery. Dr. Paul Weller, our San Francisco endodontics expert, past president (2014) of San Francisco Dental Society can relieve the immediate symptoms or pain of pulp infection and help guard patients against long-term complications of the infection.

The results of endodontics can vary depending on the symptoms being treated, but patients experience relief from their pain as soon as our San Francisco endodontist treats damaged teeth. With placement of a crown at the end of the procedure, patients also receive improved appearance, particularly if the treated tooth was visibly affected by decay or trauma. When patients experience re-occurrence of symptoms after prior endodontic care, retreatment by our endodontist can return those teeth to a healthy state quickly.

“At CitiDent our patients can enjoy the convenience of endodontic specialty care in the same facility and under one roof. This allows for a better communication among our dentists and the treatment can be performed more efficiently and accurately.”

Endodontics San Francisco

The type of endodontic treatment recommended by our expert in endodontics in San Francisco depends on the symptoms and treatment goals involved. For many patients, standard root canal therapy is sufficient. This entails preparing the tooth, removing infected tissue, packing the space with medicated material and a buildup material, and covering the tooth with an optional CAD/CAM single visit crown. With special circumstances, particularly during retreatment, our endodontist may recommend root canal surgery instead. Surgery can vary but generally involves reaching the infected tissue from another angle and removing more tissue in order to completely eliminate the infection.

Although root canal has popularly been depicted as a painful procedure to be avoided, it is actually a conformable procedure if diagnosed early and treated early before the tooth becomes so inflamed from the infection. Anesthesia is used, and patients can receive sedation from our endodontist in San Francisco depending on eligibility and medical history. Furthermore, endodontic care actually helps eliminate pain and protects patients long into the future. By keeping teeth in place instead of having them extracted and replaced, patients also enjoy more comfort and a natural appearance. To learn more about endodontics and its benefits, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist in San Francisco.
To see more information about our San Francisco endodontist, please go the bio section for Dr. Paul Weller in Our Doctors list of our website.

dr weller

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