Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies can arise from physical trauma or advanced oral health problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Pain is often the first symptom experienced during a dental emergency and can signify that damage is affecting the nerve endings in the teeth and gums. Because complications of dental emergencies can include life-threatening infections and permanent loss of oral functionality, patients should immediately schedule an appointment with our San Francisco dental emergency treatment provider if they suspect that they are suffering from an urgent dental problem.

Dental emergencies can be divided into those caused by oral health problems and those resulting from trauma. If left untreated, tooth decay can progress to reach the pulp of the tooth, where it may cause severe pain as nerve involvement ensues. Gum disease can also reach the nerves and cause serious infections, often including abscess, that can become systemic if allowed to progress. Trauma resulting in cracked or broken teeth can be caused by accidents, assaults and very hard foods. If trauma leaves the deeper layers of the teeth exposed, other oral health problems are more likely to develop if the issue is not addressed promptly by our expert in dental emergency in San Francisco.

Dental Emergency San Francisco

A variety of treatments may be recommended after a dental emergency occurs. When infections are involved, our San Francisco dental emergency treatment provider may recommend root canal treatment or surgery to remove the infected tissue, protect the tooth and restore its appearance. Cracked or broken teeth may be repairable through bonding or crowns depending on the extent of damage and the condition of the broken tooth portion. When repair is not possible, extraction and replacement may be advised.

Patients who experience tooth pain can take anti-inflammatory drugs and use ice packs locally before treatment to reduce discomfort and halt swelling. When teeth break apart, patients should keep the broken portion in the cheek to preserve its tissues until their appointment with our expert in dental emergency in San Francisco. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist in San Francisco to learn more about dental emergencies and how Dr. Amini and Associate dentists at CitiDent may treat them.


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