Clear Braces

Clear braces give patients a totally discreet option for straightening crooked teeth. These braces involve the use of clear aligners, which patients wear over their teeth, rather than metal brackets and wires that are affixed to the teeth. A deeper look at this treatment from our San Francisco clear braces dentist reveals benefits in terms of not only appearance but also comfort, convenience and oral health support.

Like other types of braces, clear braces move teeth with continuous pressure. Instead of pulling the teeth with repeatedly tightened wires, however, clear braces push the teeth with aligners, which are essentially molds shaped like the ideal smile for the patient. At regular visits to our expert in clear braces in San Francisco, patients get new aligners to maintain this pressure until results are reached. This can take anywhere from a few months to two years depending on the patient and the type of clear braces being used.

Clear Braces San Francisco

Eligibility for clear braces is restricted based on age and bite irregularities. To receive Invisalign Full from our San Francisco clear braces dentist, patients must have completed jaw and tooth development. This generally limits candidacy to patients aged about 17 and older. Issues involving vertical tooth misalignment cannot be corrected by Invisalign, which means that metal braces may be recommended instead. Invisalign Teen, made for younger adolescents, has a design that accommodates continuing growth and includes extra aligners in case some are lost or broken. Finally, Invisalign Express, which takes three to nine months to work, is for adults with very minor treatment requirements.

Aesthetics is a primary reason why patients ask our expert in clear braces in San Francisco for this treatment, but it is by no means the only advantage. Comfort is maintained by the smoothness of the aligners, which eliminate risks of abrasion against the inner cheeks. The aligners can be removed before brushing and flossing, so patients can minimize their chances of developing cavities and gum disease.

Ongoing work by the makers of Invisalign have ensured that the majority of bite irregularities respond to this treatment. To learn more about clear braces and their candidacy criteria, patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Amanda Cheng, our San Francisco orthodontist.

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