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CAD/CAM Technology

CAD/CAM technology is making tooth replacement and restorations faster and easier for modern dental patients. In the past, custom-made dental crowns were generally manufactured at remote labs using dental impressions taken at the site of treatment. Today, patients visiting our office can have new restorations such as crowns, onlays and inlays made quickly on site with CAD/CAM design and manufacturing. Rather than waiting weeks for a new crown, patients who visit our office can have natural restorations created while they relax in the waiting room. CAD/CAM technology is growing, but it is only offered at a few practices in San Francisco, making this one more reason why patients choose us for their dental care.


The benefits of CAD/CAM technology include not only convenience but also superior results. When replacement teeth are created this way, a high level of precision can be expected consistently. The quality of the result is unmatched, and the versatility in materials options means that patients can receive CAD/CAM-created crowns with various tooth colored restorations. The manufacturing process in some of our porcelain material means you can have a new restoration in under an hour, so you do not have to take a lot of time off your busy schedule.

Although patients normally require at least two visits for placement of conventionally created crowns, this new CAD/CAM process lets patients have their treatment in a single visit. Time and money are saved, and the ability to choose very durable materials, such as Zirconium, means that patients are less likely to need replacements later. A variety of other materials are available, and the advantages of each can be discussed at a consultation with our dentist.


At CitiDent, patients can receive the benefits of this process in a single visit and gain superior long-term results. Computerized analysis of the dental structure is used instead of dental impressions, and the need for fitting crowns over multiple visits is eliminated by ultra-precise shaping and sizing. To learn more about this technology and to find out whether it may be an option for addressing specific treatment goals, patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Ben Amini, or any other CitiDent dentist at our facility. The benefits of CAD/CAM technology at CitiDent are:

• Single visit natural restorations in as little as an hour appointment
• No temporaries for weeks minimizing tooth sensitivity
• No uncomfortable sticky impressions as teeth are digitally scanned
• No second visit with local anesthetics shots
• Dentist designed restoration instead of laboratory technician designed and manufactures restorations means less adjustments and more accurate restorations
• State-of-the-art technology with unmatched accuracy of fabrication

Dr. Amini, our San Francisco dentist, is a CAD/CAM certified dentist and belongs to the CEREC Academy which specializes in research, teaching and mentoring the latest treatment options via CAD/CAM type restorations.


Before/After porcelain restorations to replace metallic fillings





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