Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

Accelerated osteogenic orthodontics, also simply called accelerated orthodontic treatment, is a newer form of bite correction that works more quickly than conventional braces alone. By combining a special surgery with the corrective power of braces, our San Francisco accelerated osteogenic orthodontics expert can give patients results in just three to six months in many cases. Here is more about this technology, its benefits, how it works and who can receive it.

The key advantage of this treatment is the speed with which it works. Even with all of the benefits of orthodontics, patients generally would prefer to shorten their treatment time if possible. The addition of surgery to the process of tooth repositioning lets patients improve their appearance, oral health and comfort in far less time than with only traditional braces. Whether patients visit our San Francisco accelerated osteogenic orthodontist for traditional metal braces, lingual braces or ceramic braces, they can count on having less inconvenience, discomfort and time spent feeling self-conscious than they might have otherwise.

Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics San Francisco

The surgery that accompanies accelerated orthodontics is what sets it apart from traditional treatment. At the beginning of treatment, our expert in accelerated osteogenic orthodontics in San Francisco performs surgery on the gums. This allows the teeth to move much more quickly in the months that follow. At regular visits during treatment, patients return to have their braces tightened. Finally, our dentist gives patients a retainer to wear so that their results last.

The main candidates for this treatment are patients who need orthodontic correction but wish to get results more quickly. Students and professionals, for example, may appreciate the opportunity to improve their smile without affecting their image for long at school or work, respectively. However, all patients must visit our accelerated osteogenic orthodontist in San Francisco first to find out if this procedure will work for them.

The same improvements achieved with traditional braces can be delivered by accelerated osteogenic orthodontics in far less time. At a consultation with Dr. Amanda Cheng, our San Francisco orthodontist, patients can learn more about this treatment and discuss their eligibility.


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