AcceleDent® is a device that speeds orthodontic treatment significantly. Approved by the FDA, AcceleDent® uses pulsing vibrations to increase the speed of tooth movement by the type of braces patients choose. The device is painless and easy to use. Here is more about this option from our San Francisco AcceleDent® dentist.

Several advantages accompany the use of this treatment from our expert in AcceleDent® in San Francisco. Designed with comfort in mind, AcceleDent® is never unpleasant to use. Because the device does not need to be used continuously, patients avoid drawing unwanted attention with it. Patients who dislike the idea of spending so long having their teeth straightened are bound to appreciate the effectiveness of this device. Regardless of the orthodontic treatment used with AcceleDent®, patients can count on their improvements being permanent as well as fast.

AcceleDent® San Francisco

AcceleDent® works in conjunction with the action of basic orthodontics. While braces work through application of constant pressure on the teeth, AcceleDent® makes improvements happen more quickly by vibrating the tissues periodically. Vibration has been used successfully in a range of other medical treatments, so orthodontic use of it is a natural extension of its abilities. A mouthpiece is attached to AcceleDent® to be worn by patients for 20 minutes a day. By biting down on the mouthpiece, patients can use it without their hands while reading or watching television.

Virtually all orthodontic patients can use AcceleDent®, which works with any treatment provided by our San Francisco AcceleDent® dentist. Patients who are interested in a shorter treatment time are most likely to enjoy the benefits of this device from our expert in AcceleDent® in San Francisco. No pain is caused by the vibrations of AcceleDent®, so even patients with low pain tolerance can consider using it.

AcceleDent® is an innovative solution for patients who want to finish orthodontic treatment more quickly. Vibration is the driving force behind AcceleDent®, resulting in a solution that is comfortable as well as effective.

AcceleDent San Francisco

Patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Amanda Cheng, our San Francisco orthodontist, to learn more about AcceleDent® and its advantages.


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